Far de Cavalleria

Light Cavalry

The Cape of Cavalleria is the pediment of a peninsula and the northernmost point of Menorca. S and has clean sea cliff, and with a maximum elevation of 80 meters.

Platja de Cavalleria

Beach Cavalry

Cavalleria Beach is located north, nearby Cape of Cavalleria, between the tip and the tip des Vernís Ferragut. It consists of two bays of golden sand that frequent many boats. Before she found an interesting dune area. It is mostly frequented by the local and national tourism. Cavalleria Beach is part of the Natural Area of ​​Special Interest (IF).Access to the beach is not difficult Cavalleria. To reach it we go down the road of the northern beaches, rumbo al Faro de Cavalleria.

Port de Sanitja

Port Sanitja

Along the Cape of Cavalleria, is the small cove Sanitja, one of the quietest places, calm and beautiful in this part of the coast. To its surroundings can be reached by car. This lone port is dominated by a tower defense. At a height of 15 m, on the headland separating the port of Cake Calla Sanitja, Sanitja tower is. Is frustoconical, octagonal, built with stone and mortar and reinforced with stones tides.