The names of the winds of Menorca in Menorca are:

  • North wind (N)
  • NE (NE)
  • Llevant (It)
  • Llebeig (SW)
  • South (S)
  • SE (SE)
  • He puts (In)
  • NW (NW)


There are many sayings related to their characteristics and consequences; among the best known are the following:

“from viento de Tramontana, if not die in three days, weeklong”

“wind gregal, thank goodness”

“llevant drives away the shadow field”

“Llebeig, I see water”

“viento de Migjorn, do not return”

“Sirocco, lots of little fish and sea”

“the mestral sleeps at home”

Mapa de Menorca

Map of Menorca