The island of Menorca has been influenced by many people since before 2.000 a. C. (as Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arab, Spanish, English and French). The first known name was Nura Menorca, Phoenician meant that fire, because they saw fires passing ships, possibly lit by the inhabitants to be protected from their approach. Little is known of the more interesting period, noticeable characteristic of talayotic culture in the remains of the megalithic monuments. In Roman times adopted the name Minor (less) that provides the actual name of Menorca.

Ciutadella, founded by the Carthaginians, WAS the first capital, still later during the British rule, change by Mahon due to the advantages offered by its immense natural harbor. The Government of Menorca is the Balearic Autonomous Community, with its own parliament and central government transferred responsibility Spanish. Despite the advent of tourism in recent 30 years old, Menorca has remained unchanged in its charm and tranquility.