Ses Salines


The tourist area of ​​Ses Salines is situated on the magnificent bay of Fornells , south of the port and only 1km. From the town of Fornells, Where can you get walking or cycling along the bike path that runs along the bay.

It is a small quiet residential area, where dominant tone of its streets are landscaped homes. Its crystal clear waters, Tramuntana wind protected, They are particularly suitable for surfing and all kinds of sailing.

Ses Salines is considered one of the best areas in Europe for learning and practice of sailing.

The beach is situated along the C-723, connecting the towns of Fornells and Es Mercadal. In the vicinity of Fornells the cave is Polished, whose entrance is guarded by the sea. You can also reach Ses Salines from the town of Mahon, which is located 20 Km. down the road PM-710.



The wide bay and its surroundings are protected under the regime of Natural Area of ​​Special Interest (IF). It is very interesting excursions into the clay bottom coves of the bay in pristine condition.



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